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Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Result of the Fight

With the connection to the June 9th Pacquiao vsBradley Epical and still the most outspoken battle of the year, the result is yet to decide. During the fight, Timothy Bradley Jr. won the title and the belt via split decision and made the whole wide world to roar and shocked beneath their spines. The shocking announcement of the new WBO Welterweight Champion made another history.

Fraud! A big fraud in the boxing world; what is the F*ck happening to the boxing industry? The gossip still exists pertaining to the wrong decision. he five WBO's Championship committee judges on the review panel all scored the fight in Pacquiao's favor — 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113. However, the WBO can't overturn the result of the fight. The Associated Press scored it 117-111 for Pacquiao.

Still Pacquiao’s side believes to the capabilities of person at hand towards this. According to pacman he himself do felt some dismay yet he is looking forward and agree to any rematch that his fans and supporters are longing to scream.

Fight cards:

Welterweight Championship bout:  Manny Pacquiao (c) vs.  Timothy Bradley
Bradley won via split decision
Welterweight Championship bout:  Mike Jones vs.  Randall Bailey
                       Bailey won via 11th round knockout
Bantamweight Championship bout:  Jorge Arce (c) vs.  Jesús Rojas
Fight ended in a no contest
Super Bantamweight Championship bout:  Guillermo Rigondeaux (c) vs.  Teon Kennedy
                                                           Rigondeaux won via 5th round technical knockout

Here is the Official Scorecards to consider:

Nevada State Athletic Commission Official score card
Title: WBO Welterweight Referee: Robert Byrd Supervisor: István Kovács
Date: June 9, 2012 Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Promoter: Top Rank
Pacquiao vs. Bradley Pacquiao vs. Bradley Pacquiao vs. Bradley
10 1 9 10 1 9 9 1 10
9 19 2 19 10 9 19 2 19 10 10 19 2 19 9
10 29 3 28 9 10 29 3 28 9 10 29 3 28 9
10 39 4 37 9 10 39 4 37 9 10 39 4 37 9
10 49 5 46 9 9 48 5 47 10 9 48 5 47 10
10 59 6 55 9 10 58 6 56 9 10 58 6 56 9
9 68 7 65 10 9 67 7 66 10 9 67 7 66 10
10 78 8 74 9 9 76 8 76 10 9 76 8 76 10
10 88 9 83 9 10 86 9 85 9 9 85 9 86 10
9 97 10 93 10 9 95 10 95 10 9 94 10 96 10
9 106 11 103 10 9 104 11 105 10 10 104 11 105 9
9 115 12 113 10 9 113 12 115 10 9 113 12 115 10
Won Lost Lost Won Lost Won
Judge: Jerry Roth Judge: C. J. Ross Judge: Duane Ford
Suspensions: none Point deductions: none Decision: Bradley won via split decision

Manny Pacman Pacquiao as the True Winner

Manny Pacquiao won the June 9 fight with Timothy Bradley, a 5-member panel of judges convened by World Boxing Organization president Francisco "Paco" Valcarel has ruled, according to www.ring.tv on Thursday (Manila time), June 21. All the 5 judges voted unanimously in favor of Pacquiao after watching the video of the fight. Manny Pacquiao says he wants a rematch with Timothy Bradley after a five-judge panel assembled by the WBO championship committee unanimously favored the Filipino fighter in a video review.
Pacquiao said Thursday he would prefer a rematch rather than Bradley giving up the WBO welterweight title that he won on a split decision because "people may think I just usurped it."

The five judges on the review panel all scored the fight in Pacquiao's favor -- 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113. At the June 9 bout in Las Vegas, judge Jerry Roth had it 115-113 for Pacquiao, and Duane Ford and C.J. Ross had it for Bradley by the same score. The Associated Press scored it 117-111 for Pacquiao.

"My supporters shouldn't worry. We're going to get that title," Pacquiao said. The WBO can't overturn the result of the fight. Valcarcel informed RingTV.com that his judges all had the matchup for Pacauiao, by scores of 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112, and115-113.

Pacquiao said he was elated by the decision, describing it as proof of "justice." He told ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel: "Nandiyan ang katarungan." He expressed the hope that the decision would bring back boxing fans' faith in the sport. He also thanked his fans for supporting him all throughout.

Ringtv quoted Top Rank CEO Bob Arum as saying, "That's a Solomon-like conclusion. Paco is a good man, he really is. I have great respect for him and what he says... It's appropriate for him to make that final conclusion."

On the night of the fight, Bradley (29-0, 12 knockouts) defeated Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 KOs) by scores of 115-113 on the cards of official judges C.J. Ross and Duane Ford, while Jerry Roth had it the same way for Pacquiao.

Valcarcel however conceded that the fight ended in a controversial result, and eventually decided to convene a panel of 5 judges to review the fight. Pacquiao and Bradley’s fight contract contains a rematch clause, scheduled for November 10. But Arum and other Top Rank officials have said that they will most likely not push through with it.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Timothy “The Desert Storm” Bradley is the new WBO Welterweight Champion of the World

Timothy “The Desert Storm” Bradley


Real name:         Timothy Ray Bradley Jr.
Nickname(s):     Desert Storm
Rated at:              Light Welterweight
Height:                 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Reach:                  69 in (175 cm)
Nationality:         American
Birthdate:            29 August 1983 (age 28)
Place:                    Cathedral City, California, USA
Stance  Orthodox
Boxing record:
Total fights          29
Wins      28
Wins by KO         12
Losses   0
Draws   0
No contests        1

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Replay Online

The just ended epical and breathtaking fight in MGM Grand Arena between two if the biggest names in boxing world opened the gate of cheer and joy to the whole wide world, Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Replay Online and witness this 12 round of excellence showcased by two of the boxing titans. The world gone wild as they welcome the new WBO World Welterweight Champion, Timothy Desert Storm Bradley. Keep your eyes open and have the judgment right on your hands as the judges during that time decided to have the new fighter over the excellent defending champion.

                Billion of viewers during that time, stated their negative thought over the wrong decision. The stationary accounts about the fight are unbelievably drawn to a much shocking announcement. The over confident black American fighter won over the pound for pound king? What the hell is going on? I am not into any bias here but it is very obvious how the Fraud happened. My personal view about this, Pacquiao vs Bradley fight is something has the monetary accounts behind it. Mystery still overflowed yet we have to move on. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Replay and let yourself prove how the fraud happened. 

Full Video:

Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Streaming

The battle is finally on. Who will win and be pronounced as WBO World Welterweight Champion? Would it be the defending champion from Philippines? Or the undefeated challenger from USA? The whole world is waiting and for sure many are carving to watch the fight live. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online because this is the fastest and cheapest way you can witness this event live right away from your computer screen. Watch and witness the most anticipated and awaited battle of the year as it is live from the beautiful MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

In this much awaited event, the fans and people who followed are keep on searching and doing the noise to spice up the drama for the said fight. The Undercard fights are also must watch. The Never before tactics will be showcased and that another story for the boxing history is about to made. Enjoy watching and please feel free to share it with your friends.

Live Streaming:

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Weigh-in Video

Few hours to go and we are about to start the punching, shouting and cheering. This is the WBO World Welterweight Champion live from MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas Nevada this June 9, 2012. Two of the biggest fighters of their era are making the perfect Storm and surely a catchy topic that you wish you shouldn’t have to miss. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online and be ready for the whole new thread in the boxing history. Amidst all the issues and negative feedbacks on both fighters, still they believe the Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight will surely be one of the best fights on the century, a remarkable bout to witness.

June 8, 2012 Friday, a remarkable update happened at the MGM’s Rouge Lounge. After the fighters arrived in Las Vegas Nevada and made their grand entrance in MGM Grand Lobby, the possession of followers and diehard fans of Pacquiao and Bradley rocked the whole scenery. They got numerous exciting and tiring activities right after the two fighters appeared in the place; autographs, interviews, hugs, shake hands and photographs that end with much more excitement to the world and spice for the upcoming fight.

The WBO Welterweight Championship as what other division also have, requires a particular weight scale to both fighters to eliminate bias to happen. 145-147 lbs are managed by both Pacquiao and Bradley. Sort of another drama, Pacquiao and Bradley hook up the whole world with their face-off photos that obviously giving you a clue that Bradley is pretty much confident than the defending champion, Pacquiao. The Filipino fighter is on the league to smile and having ironical gestures to reply the confidence of the black man facing him. Pacquiao showed humility and professionalism during the event yet the younger opponent smiled and that signals to fight a much deeper punches to throw.

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight because for sure your whole family is longing to watch the fight live. Failed to have the pay-per-view? Catch it online and fasten you jaws as the amazing events are about to brace you on your seat.

Share your thoughts. Video:

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight: Jessica Sanchez to sing US Anthem

 Pressing the right button and leading to another update for Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight. 16 hours to go and we will witness the outspoken clash of boxing titans in the MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas Nevada. Let us all keep the hype on top as we continue to mark the numbers on countdown region for this most awaited fight. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online and be ready to rock your whole day with punches, jabs, tactics, speed and overall endurance. This is the WBO World Welterweight Championship; the fight between the pound for pound king of boxing, Manny Pacman Pacquiao and the Lightweight Champion and undefeated challenger Timothy Desert Storm Bradley Jr.

With the connection to the idea of newly known Jessica Sanchez to sing on the June 9 fight, they confirmed last week that the 16 year old American Idol First runner-up will sing the National Anthem of Bradley’s home country, USA. The half Mexican-half Filipino pop singer faced a lot of controversies after she choose to sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in the upcoming Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight over the speculations before that she will sing “Lupang Hinirang” for Pacquiao’s pledge.

Jessica replied to the mass media about this and she insists that Kirby Asunto took already the spot before she was nominated and been informed about the offer. This message confirmed right after by Pacquiao’s party. Although Jessica is tasked to sing the said anthem for Bradley, she uttered to her own media appearance during the same day that it is just a merely task and honor to sing the national anthem over the hundreds of possible singers and that it doesn’t mean anything more. According to her, she is supporting both fighters and that no reason to blame her and accuse her of any discrepancies.

I am sure that all of you still wonder why Jessica accepted the offer and does make some clamoring on minds. Be able to witness the clash of the boxing titans here in MGM Grand Arena. Catch it live online and know if who among these two fighters win over the other.

Share your thoughts pals.

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Desert Storm is Cathedral City’s Pride

A great quote once said, “People cannot proceed to the higher juncture without stepping the first level”. A deeper analysis and a closer look to the fighters of the main event this upcoming Saturday, June 9, 2012. The world considered the name of these two fighters to be one of the most searched, the most anticipated and the outspoken among the millions of terms in the American dictionary. Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley Jr. are the two of the most uttered and heard to hit the fire online this month of June. Every single detail of their lives is being scrutinized. From the boxing career to the very personal information that may lead them a clue if who will win between the two for the upcoming head-to-head bout on Saturday evening. Watch Pacquiao vsBradley Live Online for this is what the whole world is waiting for. Catch it online.

Hold your breath as this blog bring to you a much closer look to the life of our fighters on stake. On the front line is our undefeated challenger, Timothy Desert Storm Bradley Jr. This young boxer preserves his amazing records, with 29 Fights, 28 wins and 12 knockouts. Any stain that may damage this shining record of him will surely be prevented. From the day where the particulars announced his fight with the pound for pound king of boxing Manny Pacman Pacquiao, people questioned and searched for all his capabilities in formations online why this underdog set to have a face-off with the brightest boxing stars of their time. From the height, body built tactics and weaknesses.  Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live and be aware of this tactics that surely will hit the arena on June 9.
And to complete the whole pack of this information let us all discover his hometown, where the black baby boy born and given the name Timothy Bradley Jr. Tim, as what his close friends call him, born in the beautiful city of the southern part of California, Cathedral City.

In the United States of America, one of the well-known states in California because of its beauty, geographical location and many foreigners keep on coming back and forth. Looking sharply to this perspective, Cathedral City is a city of love in Riverside country. Reaching the peak of over 55, 000 population as of 2010 census.

The Cathedral City commonly called by the local folks as Cat City known in early 1858 as the basis of its name from Cathedral canyons in the same year. Four seasons, nice place and very rich in skilled people; His place might be the reason why Bradley is raised and born to achieve something. WatchPacquiao vs Bradley Online as we all prove it in ourselves. Witness this extraordinary fight. June 9, 2012 9 pm in Eastern Time and 6 pm in Pacific Time in America. 

Pacman’s Hometown: General Santos City

Creative thoughts filled the whole atmosphere and the shout for the living legend is a whole new story to follow. This coming 9th of June, an epical story for the book of boxing history is about to made. Clash among the best and greatest fighters of their time is about to happen. WatchPacquiao vs Bradley Online for the new kiss of fate will play the whole happenings. Cheering from the both corner of the ring, Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Timothy Desert Storm Bradley Jr smiled with honor as their respective fans full force shouting their names. These two titans are now Overwhelmed and desperate to win over the opponent and reap the WBO Welterweight Division title.

“Man should be the master of his own destiny”. This is the most accurate quote to reflect Pacman’s life. Thousands of viewers and boxing followers all over the world are surely in the side of Pacquiao over the young opponent Bradley. The man above all the boxing heads is surely half-way pressured because of this expectations. Yet, Pacquiao and his family believed that no one could underestimate Bradley and therefore predict the result of the fight on June 9. No one could forcedly insist that Pacman will surely win and Bradley will always be an underdog. Pacman’s destiny still lies on his own hands. With great determination and discipline, people especially Filipinos deeply believed that Pacman will definitely win.

It is a right thing to do if we discuss and add more of your online information about the WBO Welterweight defending champion Manny Pacquiao’s Hometown, General Santos City. Let us all welcome and embrace the environment that mold Pacman’s amazing boxing skills.

From the heart of South Cotabato in Southern part of Philippines, General Santos City claimed their place as one of the talent producing cities in the Philippines. Their place is commonly remembered as one of the respected province whom produces skills, talents, beauties and sportiness that achieved and nailed their name internationally. It is also known for their Seafood production and splendid marine life preservations. Sarangani as one of their pride already proved their excellence to the whole wide world. WatchPacquiao vs Bradley Live Online to witness the thousands and clashing moves of boxers inside the ring.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pacquiao and Bradley’s Grand Entrance in MGM

Las Vegas Nevada- the fans and supporters for the upcoming bout of the two boxing titans for the 21st century roars and made scream for their bet and idol on stake as the two fighters step inside the MGM Grand Arena last June 5, 2012. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online and make way for the most anticipated event for this 6th month of the year of Dragon, 2012.

An extraordinary strip in the whole city of Las Vegas when the two of the most outspoken name in boxing world step inside the MGM lobby for their final appearance before their head-to-head bout this Saturday, June 9, 2012. WBO Welterweight defending champion, Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Timothy Desert Storm Bradley waved with confidence to their respective fans. Together with their family and full time supporters, both fighters build more of their sympathy on the vast media.

As the disc jockey continue to rock the place with trending music making the groove of the dancers and 1000 of which moves to their finest, the sport-maniacs that are there move and made their one of a chance photo taking with their cameras and phones.  The excitement of the whole lobby generate to its fullest as the fans scream beneath their lungs and cheering the names of the two fighters as they walk through them proceeding to the center of the lobby.

Many of the Filipinos that are in Las Vegas complete their community and appeared at the MGM shouting the name of their hero, “Manny, Manny Manny!” the appearance of their coaches and also Mr. Bob Arum are also spotted.
This arrival scene was considered one of the biggest and is remembered back in the fight of Pacquiao vs Golden Boy Dela Hoya. Comparison between the numbers of fans during that time, obviously Pacman-followers outnumbered those of that for Bradley’s. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live and brace yourself with a one of a kind and extraordinary fight inside the ring. When Media interviewed Coach Freddie pertaining the June 9 fight the common lines that he usually used to throw Together with Top Rank owner, Bob Arum to complete the Boxing Trilogy. 

“He is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world,” Roach said. “He is the most fun fighter to watch in the world.”
 “We are out here to support the Philippines' community,” he said. “It’s big to have someone out there representing our culture. He is someone to look up to. Everyone has their idols, and for me, I look up to Manny Pacquiao.”

Added Arum: “He is larger than life. For me, he is the Philippine version of Muhammad Ali.”
Share your thoughts and cast your votes. Watch out for the live streaming of Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight.

Pacman arrives in Las Vegas

Manny Pacman Pacquiao arrived in Las Vegas Nevada last night, June 6 2012 for his upcoming WBO Welterweight Division fight this coming June 9, 2012. Pacman talks about Timothy Bradley Jr.'s first headline fight and his own first experience fighting in Las Vegas. (01:41) June 6, 2012, this was reported in American Television particularly in Las Vegas and of course covered by his very own country, Philippines. Upon his grand appearance in the media, fans and people in Vegas, Manny sheaf his head and tell to the world that the fight this June 9 will me remarkable. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley as the whole world makes a once in a blue moon peace. Supporters, families, and the whole Pacman team are with him as he made his first dictating stand in the middle of most exciting and busy city on earth, Las Vegas Nevada.

Shout and screaming overwhelmed the whole arrival station and followed with numerous fan-signing activities. The pound for pound king waved with honor as his responses to all positive good luck and wishes towards his win over Tim Bradley. Short question and answer part, a sort of interview together with his coaches and family members; the signing of autographs and pauses for some photographs is quite and surely tiring after a long travel from Philippines, yet Manny still managed to share a sweet smile full of hope for all his Pacman-liker that are there during his arrival.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Odds against Bradley’s Victory

 “Destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice”, from the very beginning of the rumors which Pacquiao of the Philippines will be having a head-to-head bout against Timothy Bradley of America; chances followed as if how come does this young challenger chosen as Pacman’s next opponent inside the ring. By the records alone, it is far from the experience basis, “Pacman is already a king of boxing arena while Bradley is just a striving star looking for his own spot”, as they quoted. Yet, beyond this underestimations and negative feedbacks, the undefeated challenger is still working on his indispensable conviction that in a way to another, he will surely win the June 9 fight. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online and get ready to brace yourselves with another amazing clash of boxing titans.

Two months ago, since the world welcomed these two fighters in scheduled event on June 9, 2012, making their fans and names online and in social media. From their ever supportive followers and liker to the roaring Haters and bashers, the fight is definitely in complete notion of spice to live up its expectations winning the view count over the May 5 Mayweather-Cotto fight.  I do personally believe that this fight could overcome the May 5 record.

Basically, what are the odds against Bradley’s Victory? Very obvious to point out that the left and right discriminations and negative hopes for his win by the people around him might affect a lot. His less experience over the opponent and the skills of Manny Pacquiao that undeniably very alarming that he himself should be ready; Do you think Bradley could stand until round 12? Share your thoughts.

Particulars said that Manny Pacquiao is a monster-boxer but Bradley is working on it. He has in fact an extraordinary trainings like running in Deserts for a numerous of miles away strengthening his own endurance and body sustainability. A very good Timothy Desert Strom Bradley is expected to appear this June 9. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live and know if Tim could surpass all the odds against his win.
Cast your vote and feel free to share your thoughts. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Secured and Strict Trainings for Pacman

The long wait is finally over, five more days and the most anticipated bout of the year is ready to reap the arena in Las Vegas Nevada. June 9, 2012; mark your calendars and the countdown for Pacquiao vs BradleyFight starts. As the news on different media stated that both of the fighters are now on their massive and serious trainings, one of the jurisprudence made a review about how the defending WBO Welterweight Champion, Manny Pacquiao set himself inside the ring and throw his phenomenal punches.

In Las Vegas Nevada for just a couple of days ago, security in almost four walls of the gym appeared while Manny Pacquiao had begun six rounds punches, jabs and sparring  as a part of his preparation for the June 9 fight with Timothy Bradley. The coaches and authorities during that time ordered that Cameras, Video Recordings, and autographs are strictly prohibited. Coach Freddie set this kind of atmosphere for Manny’s focus and seriousness towards his personal training.

''He's no killer, but he tries hard,'' Roach said of Bradley. ''Manny should eat him up as he comes forward. I think Manny should look really good in this fight.'' And if he doesn't? Well, then you finally can forget about that big fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that now seems destined never to happen. ''If he looks bad, he retires,'' Roach said. ''At least I'll tell him to. And he may be the first one who will listen to me.''

These lines gave way to the approval for Coach Roach to do Manny’s deadliest blow of knockout punches this Saturday. You have to witness this, Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online. In addition to this, Manny do also have the ideas that he could never win any fight without Roach.  ''I always ask Freddie, what's my strength like, what's my speed,'' Pacquiao said. ''If my speed is going down I want to know. I would listen to Freddie.''

Boxing Trilogy: Pacquiao, Roach and Arum

In the boxing world, numerous people is considered been in the hall of famers and in the list of most famous. This past few months, boxing fanatics outspoken about the upcoming bout this June 9 in Las Vegas Nevada. A fight where the respected Boxing Trilogy gave their own impressions and comments and of course gave the opportunity to make Manny’s fans gets into the real ambush. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live.  Among the topics in the latest media teleconference and appearance of Manny Pacman Pacquiao together with Coach Freddie Roach and the Top Rank President Bob Arum; completed the Boxing trilogy and discussed a few thoughts in Pacquiao’s life and Floyd Mayweather’s own. This June 9 will be an exciting date to happen for Pacman will have a pound for pound fight with Timothy Bradley.

It is currently very obvious that Pacquiao and all his coaches didn’t underestimate his opponent. Actually, Pacman prepares for his June 9 bout very persistent compared to that of November’s fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. Although Pacman won in that fight, Manny seriously looked lucking and wasn’t very prepared for that fight around.

"The fight wasn't a hard fight for me but, on that fight I had problems, family problems." Pacquiao said. According to Coach Freddie, Pacman disturbed a lot during his fight with Marquez due to family problems.  "We had a great training camp going into that fight, in the last week everything fell apart," Roach sensibly said. "And personal problems with Manny showed in the fight."

"He's much focused," said Roach. "We don't have days when he comes in tired anymore, because he doesn't have any nightlife anymore whatsoever. He just tried to go to Bible study and he's very focused on the fight and him and God are very close right now and he's a 100 percent better athlete with no distractions."

 On the other side of the triangle, the president of Top Rank Bob Arum also amends his opinions about this. Arum then asked if the Pay-Per-View released during the Mayweather vs Cotto fight would be expected to be equal as the Pacquiao’s upcoming fight.

"We aim to get the biggest possible numbers that we can get, but we operate a completely different model from Floyd's model," said Arum. "So whatever numbers he allegedly reached or didn't reach is really irrelevant to us... You also have to remember that Mayweather was fighting one of out great fighters, Miguel Cotto who's the No. 3 pay-per-view attraction, who's gotten great numbers on his own."

Hearing this news, the fans and Pacman followers did uproar if there is a still huge possibility that they could watch the fight live. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley live online instead.
Coach Freddie Roach confidently said that Manny is has huge chances to win over the opponent Bradley. "Experience, speed and power," and went into why each of the three aspects would help Pacman in the fight, added Roach.

"Speed is hard to deal with, power will knock you out and experience will make it a little bit easier for you [in the ring]," said Roach.
You should watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight for this is a fight to catch and to remember in the whole boxing history. Tickets are now available. Have yours and enjoy the whole event this June 9th 2012. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Interesting Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight

From the very start, the world roars as it hears the upcoming fight of the world’s greatest boxers. Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Timothy Desert Storm Bradley will have a back to back face off measuring each of their strengths and capabilities inside the ring as a professional and astounding boxer of the world. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online.

Numerous of the boxing fanatics both online and live medias deeply believes that the June 9 bout will be a more exciting as much as what is expected. The head-to-head clash of this two boxing titans: Pacman (54-3-2) versus Desert Storm (28-0) is basically a fight to catch.  In connection with this, boxing maniacs do also believe that this upcoming fight will not only ranked with the Mayweather-Cotto fight last may 5 but could surpass its hype in an effortless manner. As what they have noticed, many people still say that Pacquiao fight is still incomparable. The drama and little dazzling spice made by his undefeated challenger perfectly bake the fight to be more interesting.

The style, the event, choice of place, the fighters, the time, month and undercard events are catchier compared to Mayweather vs. Cotto fight where Mayweather win the title. The appearance of the teen pop singer, Justin Beiber also gave hype to the said fight yet Pacquiao vs. Bradley made always a history.

Few steps from now, and we are almost there. The LiveStreaming feed of Pacquiao vs Bradley fight is considered already as one of the greatest search in the worldwide internet. From webpage to webpage; from social network to another social network, the fight that can considered as obsession in their home countries. Still looking for a blog that will provide you the latest update, live stream, result and replay of Pacquiao vs. Bradley Fight online? Then you are on it. The answer is just a click away from you. Watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley Live from Grand Arena Las Vegas Nevada this June 9, 2012 only here. Bookmark this site and enjoy watching on the airing date.

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7 Episode 3

We are getting closer and yet no one can predict what is going to happen inside the ring. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online. After we witnessed the premiere episode of HBO24/7 Pacquiao vs Bradley and the 2nd episode last Saturday, the atmosphere for the boxing phenomena getting move benevolent in the pickiest point.  We are still waiting for the next episode of this HBO special documentary. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7 Episode 3 the final and the last episode of this special coverage which will be aired on the night before the grand battle.

In the just ended episode 2, the undefeated challenger and junior welterweight champion from USA, Timothy Desert Storm Bradley (28-0, 12 KO) speared the attention of media men as he indulges all of his confidence towards his win over the WBO Welterweight defending champion, Manny Pacman Pacquiao (54-3-2,28 Kos) . June 2, 2012 where Tim Bradley speaks to the outside world that he and his coaches is now ready to punch off Pacman’s record.

Remembering also what happened in the 24/7 Pacquiao vs Bradley Episode 1or commonly called as Road to Pacquiao vs Bradley fight that there is much impact and focus were rendered on the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters.  Their respective coaches are also appeared in the video stating all of their possible preparations for the upcoming world historical boxing bout. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live from Las Vegas Nevada because for sure this is extremely an amazing fight.

Featuring a much deeper and broader view on the said event, the last Episode of HBO 24/7 Pacquiao vs Bradley will gave you eventually the hints about how the fight will going to start and will going to end. The final words of both fighters might be also rendered and the categorical phrases from their families, friends and fans from all over the world that might boost the fighter’s luck and self determination. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7 Episode 3. See yah and enjoy. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas Nevada- the venue for the upcoming bout of the year is all set and ready. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight this June 9th 2012. Speculations about the numerous rumors arising after months of preparation and we are one week before the grand fight. Few more sleeps to go and we are about to witness a breathtaking fight inside the ring. A fight to remember for the fighters is extremely and absolutely awesome. Don’t ever dare to miss this for this is the much anticipated, thoroughly outspoken and most awaited event this month of June.

Manny Pacman Pacquiao versus the undefeated Timothy Desert Storm Bradley; these two fighters were just fresh from their respective trainings and are now taking their long last jump before nailing their selves inside the ring wearing their gloves and aiming to knockout their opponent. Who among these two gigantic boxers win the WBO Welterweight title this year? Would it still be the defending winner from Asia, Manny Pacquiao or the pride of USA, Tim Bradley? Cast your votes.

In the Episode 2 of the HBO Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7, Bradley showed off the oversized poster pertaining to the latest rumor of his confidence over the fight that he set already a rematch together with his opponent Pacman. Spicing up the atmosphere, Bradley assures all his haters that he will win the title this June 9, no matter what. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online. Mark your calendars and share your thoughts about this.

Review each of the HBO Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7 episodes and spot the edges of the both fighters. Draw your prediction if who will win. Watch it and confirm it with yourself. 

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Replay

Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight will be aired live this June 9th 2012 E.T. watch it online for free instead of watching it in Pay per View Contract. After online dwellers try to answer the different questions about the upcoming fight, the viewers asked in advance if where they could watch Pacquiao Vs Bradley Fight Replay. If you have the same question as what is stated then you are in the right track. This blog will also provide the complete replay of the fight aside from providing the live streaming feed that is both 100% free.

Expect that if and only if you ever fail to Watch Pacquiaovs Bradley Live Online still you have the option of watching its’ replay a day or earlier from that, after the fight. Case to case basis, but we will assure all of our followers that we will provide the most anticipated complete replay video for Pacquiao Vs Bradley Fight. Yet, even you have the idea and assurance that you can watch it in replay video, still you will to miss the excitement of watching it live. The shouting and betting of your neighbors and friends who are watching with you is definitely incomparable experience.

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