Sunday, June 3, 2012

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas Nevada- the venue for the upcoming bout of the year is all set and ready. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight this June 9th 2012. Speculations about the numerous rumors arising after months of preparation and we are one week before the grand fight. Few more sleeps to go and we are about to witness a breathtaking fight inside the ring. A fight to remember for the fighters is extremely and absolutely awesome. Don’t ever dare to miss this for this is the much anticipated, thoroughly outspoken and most awaited event this month of June.

Manny Pacman Pacquiao versus the undefeated Timothy Desert Storm Bradley; these two fighters were just fresh from their respective trainings and are now taking their long last jump before nailing their selves inside the ring wearing their gloves and aiming to knockout their opponent. Who among these two gigantic boxers win the WBO Welterweight title this year? Would it still be the defending winner from Asia, Manny Pacquiao or the pride of USA, Tim Bradley? Cast your votes.

In the Episode 2 of the HBO Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7, Bradley showed off the oversized poster pertaining to the latest rumor of his confidence over the fight that he set already a rematch together with his opponent Pacman. Spicing up the atmosphere, Bradley assures all his haters that he will win the title this June 9, no matter what. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online. Mark your calendars and share your thoughts about this.

Review each of the HBO Pacquiao vs Bradley 24/7 episodes and spot the edges of the both fighters. Draw your prediction if who will win. Watch it and confirm it with yourself. 


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