Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Secured and Strict Trainings for Pacman

The long wait is finally over, five more days and the most anticipated bout of the year is ready to reap the arena in Las Vegas Nevada. June 9, 2012; mark your calendars and the countdown for Pacquiao vs BradleyFight starts. As the news on different media stated that both of the fighters are now on their massive and serious trainings, one of the jurisprudence made a review about how the defending WBO Welterweight Champion, Manny Pacquiao set himself inside the ring and throw his phenomenal punches.

In Las Vegas Nevada for just a couple of days ago, security in almost four walls of the gym appeared while Manny Pacquiao had begun six rounds punches, jabs and sparring  as a part of his preparation for the June 9 fight with Timothy Bradley. The coaches and authorities during that time ordered that Cameras, Video Recordings, and autographs are strictly prohibited. Coach Freddie set this kind of atmosphere for Manny’s focus and seriousness towards his personal training.

''He's no killer, but he tries hard,'' Roach said of Bradley. ''Manny should eat him up as he comes forward. I think Manny should look really good in this fight.'' And if he doesn't? Well, then you finally can forget about that big fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that now seems destined never to happen. ''If he looks bad, he retires,'' Roach said. ''At least I'll tell him to. And he may be the first one who will listen to me.''

These lines gave way to the approval for Coach Roach to do Manny’s deadliest blow of knockout punches this Saturday. You have to witness this, Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online. In addition to this, Manny do also have the ideas that he could never win any fight without Roach.  ''I always ask Freddie, what's my strength like, what's my speed,'' Pacquiao said. ''If my speed is going down I want to know. I would listen to Freddie.''


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