Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pacman arrives in Las Vegas

Manny Pacman Pacquiao arrived in Las Vegas Nevada last night, June 6 2012 for his upcoming WBO Welterweight Division fight this coming June 9, 2012. Pacman talks about Timothy Bradley Jr.'s first headline fight and his own first experience fighting in Las Vegas. (01:41) June 6, 2012, this was reported in American Television particularly in Las Vegas and of course covered by his very own country, Philippines. Upon his grand appearance in the media, fans and people in Vegas, Manny sheaf his head and tell to the world that the fight this June 9 will me remarkable. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley as the whole world makes a once in a blue moon peace. Supporters, families, and the whole Pacman team are with him as he made his first dictating stand in the middle of most exciting and busy city on earth, Las Vegas Nevada.

Shout and screaming overwhelmed the whole arrival station and followed with numerous fan-signing activities. The pound for pound king waved with honor as his responses to all positive good luck and wishes towards his win over Tim Bradley. Short question and answer part, a sort of interview together with his coaches and family members; the signing of autographs and pauses for some photographs is quite and surely tiring after a long travel from Philippines, yet Manny still managed to share a sweet smile full of hope for all his Pacman-liker that are there during his arrival.

Persistently, Manny also shared a brief speech for all of the people there having the assurance between the lines that he will win the fight and defend his title as the WBO Welterweight Champion. Watch Pacquiao vsBradley Live Online live from MGM Grand Arena. Half of the world is now eager to watch it live. But still few have the assurance that they could watch it. If you don’t have the ticket for Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight, you can still watch it through live stream online. All you have to do id just bookmark this site and comeback on June 9 Eastern Time, 9 pm. Check for your time zone if what time does the live stream will be available on your country. See yah and enjoy watching.

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