Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boxing Trilogy: Pacquiao, Roach and Arum

In the boxing world, numerous people is considered been in the hall of famers and in the list of most famous. This past few months, boxing fanatics outspoken about the upcoming bout this June 9 in Las Vegas Nevada. A fight where the respected Boxing Trilogy gave their own impressions and comments and of course gave the opportunity to make Manny’s fans gets into the real ambush. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live.  Among the topics in the latest media teleconference and appearance of Manny Pacman Pacquiao together with Coach Freddie Roach and the Top Rank President Bob Arum; completed the Boxing trilogy and discussed a few thoughts in Pacquiao’s life and Floyd Mayweather’s own. This June 9 will be an exciting date to happen for Pacman will have a pound for pound fight with Timothy Bradley.

It is currently very obvious that Pacquiao and all his coaches didn’t underestimate his opponent. Actually, Pacman prepares for his June 9 bout very persistent compared to that of November’s fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. Although Pacman won in that fight, Manny seriously looked lucking and wasn’t very prepared for that fight around.

"The fight wasn't a hard fight for me but, on that fight I had problems, family problems." Pacquiao said. According to Coach Freddie, Pacman disturbed a lot during his fight with Marquez due to family problems.  "We had a great training camp going into that fight, in the last week everything fell apart," Roach sensibly said. "And personal problems with Manny showed in the fight."

"He's much focused," said Roach. "We don't have days when he comes in tired anymore, because he doesn't have any nightlife anymore whatsoever. He just tried to go to Bible study and he's very focused on the fight and him and God are very close right now and he's a 100 percent better athlete with no distractions."

 On the other side of the triangle, the president of Top Rank Bob Arum also amends his opinions about this. Arum then asked if the Pay-Per-View released during the Mayweather vs Cotto fight would be expected to be equal as the Pacquiao’s upcoming fight.

"We aim to get the biggest possible numbers that we can get, but we operate a completely different model from Floyd's model," said Arum. "So whatever numbers he allegedly reached or didn't reach is really irrelevant to us... You also have to remember that Mayweather was fighting one of out great fighters, Miguel Cotto who's the No. 3 pay-per-view attraction, who's gotten great numbers on his own."

Hearing this news, the fans and Pacman followers did uproar if there is a still huge possibility that they could watch the fight live. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley live online instead.
Coach Freddie Roach confidently said that Manny is has huge chances to win over the opponent Bradley. "Experience, speed and power," and went into why each of the three aspects would help Pacman in the fight, added Roach.

"Speed is hard to deal with, power will knock you out and experience will make it a little bit easier for you [in the ring]," said Roach.
You should watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight for this is a fight to catch and to remember in the whole boxing history. Tickets are now available. Have yours and enjoy the whole event this June 9th 2012. 


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