Friday, June 8, 2012

Pacman’s Hometown: General Santos City

Creative thoughts filled the whole atmosphere and the shout for the living legend is a whole new story to follow. This coming 9th of June, an epical story for the book of boxing history is about to made. Clash among the best and greatest fighters of their time is about to happen. WatchPacquiao vs Bradley Online for the new kiss of fate will play the whole happenings. Cheering from the both corner of the ring, Manny Pacman Pacquiao and Timothy Desert Storm Bradley Jr smiled with honor as their respective fans full force shouting their names. These two titans are now Overwhelmed and desperate to win over the opponent and reap the WBO Welterweight Division title.

“Man should be the master of his own destiny”. This is the most accurate quote to reflect Pacman’s life. Thousands of viewers and boxing followers all over the world are surely in the side of Pacquiao over the young opponent Bradley. The man above all the boxing heads is surely half-way pressured because of this expectations. Yet, Pacquiao and his family believed that no one could underestimate Bradley and therefore predict the result of the fight on June 9. No one could forcedly insist that Pacman will surely win and Bradley will always be an underdog. Pacman’s destiny still lies on his own hands. With great determination and discipline, people especially Filipinos deeply believed that Pacman will definitely win.

It is a right thing to do if we discuss and add more of your online information about the WBO Welterweight defending champion Manny Pacquiao’s Hometown, General Santos City. Let us all welcome and embrace the environment that mold Pacman’s amazing boxing skills.

From the heart of South Cotabato in Southern part of Philippines, General Santos City claimed their place as one of the talent producing cities in the Philippines. Their place is commonly remembered as one of the respected province whom produces skills, talents, beauties and sportiness that achieved and nailed their name internationally. It is also known for their Seafood production and splendid marine life preservations. Sarangani as one of their pride already proved their excellence to the whole wide world. WatchPacquiao vs Bradley Live Online to witness the thousands and clashing moves of boxers inside the ring.


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