Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boxing: Greatest Fighter of all Time

In boxing history, there are hundreds of them who tried to be the most remarkable, the most sensational and to be the most admired boxer in the world for the rest of their lives. Hence, few were just recognized by sport crania have to be in their lists and announced as their Greatest Boxer of all time. We do some survey and these are the three boxers who make it to the top, starting with:

Record: Won 66 Lost 3, 52 KO (66-3)
Joe Louis is a professional boxer and American icon. He is well known as “The Brown Boxer” of his time clearly the best and the most furious puncher. He is truly unforgettable, the first and foremost great boxer for Americas in that time, Louis managed his undefeated record not until Germany’s Max Schmeling gave him his first loss which he later take revenge ending with a sensational and historical 1st round KO in the whole boxing History.
Hitler do have the power that time and Germany is yet powerful. Making the serious commotion between the two huge countries, USA and Germany about Louis’ win over Schmeling. 

Record: 56wins 37 KO 5 losses (56-5)
In every mouth, the name Muhammad Ali is undeniably respected in sport perspectives.  The lectrifying name is an exciting, outspoken, undefeated boxing phenomenon and was a well-known total package whenever he has a fight, indeed boxing’s best entertainer. Entertainer in the sense that he does boxing like he is just doing some sort of acting; Doing some fake punches over his opponent to damaged the focus and blew him up with his uprooting ultimatum.
The undefeated fighter was once imprisoned during his prime of refusing the fight in Vietnam due to unclear reasons. In connection with this, his endorsers and boxing analysts banned him in boxing world. After years, Muhammad Ali is still one of the most famous, and legendary men in the world. Whenever the greatest of all time are discussed, his name will be at the very top of the list for a very long time to come. The most admired Ali will never erased in World Sports and Excellence.

Record: 173 wins, 109 (KO)19 losses, 6 draws, 2 no contests

Many for sure, don’t know that Robinson is one of the greatest boxer of the world, but yes he is. Robinson is actually a monster inside the ring. He was a gorgeous boxing icon who nailed and named to be the greatest boxer of all times since he has the following characteristics: Knockout power punches, lightning speed, outstanding footwork and dexterity, and the awesome endurance and solid chin. Although Robinson is aligned to be the best, people less know him than the two above.

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