Monday, May 14, 2012

Timothy Bradley’s Strategies

Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley is the undefeated player that is currently a challenger to the WBO Welterweight Title against the defending winner, Manny Pacman Pacquiao. The most awaited battle is scheduled on June 9, 2012 live from MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada.  It would be a tough bout in his part since his opponent is such a great danger in fist to fist battle. Watch Pacquiao VsBradley Live Online. Many speculations that he could managed to win if and only if he continue training and be in mind the following suggested strategies:

Cut Opponent
His Opponent, Manny Pacquiao is quite invincible when it comes to merely smashing and punching. A nice point to remember is when Pacman failed to continue his focus when the Marquez made a bleeding cut over his upper eye brow.  Pacquiao is not used to getting roughed up by his adversary and Bradley has to make sure he gets a few good, clean shots in at his face to draw blood. A great chance after which is possible.
Erik Morales did the cut in his first fight with Manny and it seemed to slow the man down. Managing his win over the Filipino pride.

Avoid KO Punch
Manny Pacman Pacquiao is indeed the strongest puncher in the boxer world who ever lived, The KO punch that could possible in both right and left hand; a curse for Bradley that he should keep in mind. Avoiding the KO punch from Pac-Man would be a great help for him for if ever he gets hit by this, end of the game for sure.
These things should be able to manage by the Desert Storm to balance the crucial comparison with him and his opponent. Raging from now, which boxer is on your stake? Who would be you WBO Welterweight Winner? WatchPacquiao vs Bradley Live.


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