Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Timothy Bradley as the Underdog Fighter

The undefeated boxer from the United States of America, Timothy Desert Storm Bradley knows from the start that everybody is considering him as the underdog in his upcoming June 9 bout against the WBO welterweight defending champion Manny Pacman Pacquiao. With regards to this, the undefeated fighter insists that he is not ever messed or disturbed about this issue. Directly according to Tim Bradley, he doesn’t pay any of his minute attention about the news and he also added that his focus is still on the fight, the biggest fight on his boxing career and he is definitely working for it. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradleylive online.

“I like being the underdog. I’ve been the underdog my whole life,” Bradley said during the first episode of the HBO reality series “24/7: The Road to Pacquiao-Bradley.” “I don’t really care what anybody says.”
Tim Bradley is on the biggest fight of his life against Pacquiao, who is currently considered as the biggest pound-for-pound boxer in the world along with Floyd May Weather Jr. Still the undefeated black fighter insists that he must to win the fight no matter what. Quite scary and mysterious sentences from the challenger yet no one can underestimate the capabilities of Timothy Bradley as Underdog Fighter.

 “My work ethic is a beast. There’s no one that can work harder than me. I will outlast anybody,” Bradley said.

“Pacquiao, he’s a great fighter, but once we get in that ring on June 9th, regardless of all the smiles and all the, you know, the joys, we in there to seek and destroy. That’s it. That’s the only thing on my minds is getting that W, getting that win that night,” he added.
His 18 years in boxing careers still Tim Bradley faces discouragement and doubts about his qualification on fight against the people’s champ, Manny Pacquiao. He utter the following sentences and made his decision to win over the mass-idol.

“Eighteen years, we had been working. So that’s why, when people say, ‘Oh, Bradley don’t deserve this shot,’ it’s like, ‘Dude, I spent 18 years of my life dedicating myself to this boxing game,’” he said.
“I done captured three world championships, you know, to get to this spot. I deserve this shot, you know.”
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“A lot of people say I don’t hit hard enough, I wasn’t quick enough, I was too short, I was too small for the weight class, you know, you’ll never become world champion… (I’m) a three-time world champion. I’m the No. 1 fighter at 140-pounds,” Bradley said.

“I’m about to be the No. 1 fighter at 147 (pounds) on June 9th. (Pacquiao) is the next to learn. It’s not about the money… It’s about that spot. I want his spot. I want his throne,” he added.
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