Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Countries to collide this June 9, 2012

The back to back collision of master fists is about to begin. June 9, 2012 and two of the biggest country in boxing industry will collide and decide with each other’s strength if who is indeed worthy to be known as the real WBO Welterweight Champion. Philippines from the Eastern World and United States of America for the Western oblivion, Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live and witness the most of its despicable courage, sportsmanship and endurance of these two fighters inside the ring within the 12rounds fight. Which country will raise their flag and unveil it with triumph as they win the title this June 9, would it be Philippines or USA? Which side are you?

From the scorching red corner, the country of great among the great; the center of any civilizations and inquiries in the latter years,  the home of well-known boxers from Joie Louis to the latest Mike Tyson. United States of America pleaded her own career in boxing since then. Almost half of the great boxers of all time were listed to be their very own, from the afro-Americans to the purely white skinned American buddies who did well in boxing history. These achievements did absolutely impressive and made the undefeated challenger, Timothy Bradley to strive more and wish for his win over the Filipino opponent.

On the other side of the ring, is the fast developing country from the east. The pearl and the only pride of the Pacific, the country coveted to produce best and amazing people. The Philippines, although there is still no name listed to be their rep in best fighters of all time, still they are making for it. For these years, Manny Pacman Pacquiao the said to be greatest fighter of this era is currently in line to be pronounced as one of these great boxing buddies. Moreover, he is the defending champion of WBO Welterweight Division which means he is the opponent of Bradley this June 9.How was that?

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