Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bradley Learned from Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight

For the World Welterweight Championship, this is Pacquiao vs Bradley fight live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas Nevada USA on June 9, 2012. Two of the most gigantic names in boxing world were going to make a perfect storm inside the ring measuring each other’s strength and endurance; a fist to fist batle of Pacman and Desert Storm. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley LiveOnline.

To reminisce the past fights of the great boxer, Manny Pacquiao; He did great and absolutely won over Marquez in their bout in past years. His incomparable speed inside the ring and the left-right monster punch that could kill a cow in one blow, Pacquiao’s victory is indeed certain to everybody. His techniques was reviewed and studied by his clashing opponent, Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley. On June 9, 2012 they will have negotiation that should end into one fighter over the other. Watch if how these fighters clash with power and perseverance.

Definitely, Timothy Bradley is a great and undefeated fighter. His amazing records prove that. He is pretty much younger than the defending champion and he is eager to make some golden spot in boxing world. In an interview, He said that a couple of scenes in Pacquiao vs Marquez fight has noticed that Pacquiao was getting frustrated with Marquez’s style, which used many counter punches. He does believe that Marquez should have won the title however the judges saw it in a different way, awarding Pacquiao the belt.

What Bradley saw and learned in Pacquaio’s fight over Marquez will be added for sure to his techniques and edges over the opponent. It would be a toughest fight in his boxing career, but I know Bradley will move to make it. Both fighters are now on their trainings, which of these two will gain the dreamt victory? Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Live online for Free


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