Monday, May 28, 2012

Soft Spoken, Timothy Bradley!

Sensational; the word that best describe the professional undefeated American boxer, Timothy Bradley is commonly called Tim by his mentors and coaches that then followed with the rest of mouths in boxing significance. Born and raised in the beautiful plains of North Palm Springs Carolina, Timothy dressed with huge values and visible fear in God until he did became a grown man with dignity and seeks his own fortune ongoing for fame and satisfaction.  Boxing made him realize about things in life. Bradley became most popular not just from his own country, USA but also to the rest of the countries in the world.

The current WBO Lightweight Champion and former two-time WBC Light Welterweight Champion, Tim is again facing the greatest bout in his life. This coming June 9, 2012 he and his own fist will face the pound for pound king of boxing arena from the Philippines- Manny Pacman Pacquiao. Without any hesitation, Bradley still stood straight and smilingly said, End will is and only basis for excellence. The word of this soft spoken fighter is implying the idea that he is indeed ready to kick one of the best asses in the world. 

Averaging manner, a quite advantageous to the defending champion’s part since he has already millions of followers and fans all over the world and is definitely being the greatest opponent of Bradley in his boxing life; a challenge that might lead him nowhere. Beyond this, Tim is still confident enough that no matter what, he going to make it and He will go to win.

Raising his flag from that day on and focusing to all strategies he is currently mastering right now together with his coaches, Bradley is keep on saying on the personal/media interviews that He, Timothy RayBradley, Jr., 28 year old, a black American fighter will be announced on June 9 as the new WBO Welterweight Champion of the year. 


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