Sunday, May 27, 2012

Timothy Bradley’s Family Support for His Fight

Discussions about the two fighters and their lives have been gone in a little bit deeper manner. Their families and inspirations filled the whole articles and updates of Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. Who and what are the things made these two individuals continue to strive for their aim and punch for success?

The cathedral city boxer from United States of America, Timothy Desert Storm Bradley proudly spoke up and answers the question. Bradley said that her loving wife and of course her ever supportive mom who been there for him in every fight he does in different arenas. Kathy and Monica Bradley is considered by Tim as a gift from God whom giving him much strength and determination to continue his way and kept on focus unto his path of fulfilling every grip of his dreams.

Kathy Bradley a motherly aura from the first site is quiet but need presence. Kathy instilled the faith and toughness on his son’s mind to be fiercer and strongly built. Tim Bradley’s undefeated record is a half way product of his mom’s desire of perfection.

On the other side of his heart is Monica. The great wife and mother of their children, Monica provided the love, care and understanding for Tim and for his boxing careers.

“I cherish these women, because they're the only women who really cared for me regardless of any situation,” Bradley said. “They're my best friends and they're the loves of my life. They're the only two women that I've loved.”

Long before Bradley get into the ring and start to learn punching and jobbing, Kathy is vigorously and intimidate against this choice. But Timothy is quite head cracker, continue his passion on boxing and made his mother believed on his own capabilities.

“She's one of those type of mothers will tell you, if you get in a fight, you better win,'” Bradley said. “And if you lose, you'll get a whooping even worse. And especially if you started the fight and you don't win, that's double trouble. You get two whooping. That was how I was raised. If I didn't start it, I better win. If I started it, I better win, you know what I mean? I have to win, period.”

“She didn't say ‘don't hit my boy hard' or ‘don't beat up on my son.' She said ‘hey come get my son,'” Bradley said. “My mom was not easy on me. She wasn't a typical mom, ‘Oh my baby.' Nah. My mom was, ‘You better do something. That boy is wailing on you, so you better come back and fight harder.”

These are few of those lines that you have to hear. A dedication to motivate and support their team for Timothy as what they believe and wish for, win over Pacquiao and grab the title over the Filipino fighter.


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