Friday, May 18, 2012

Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Undercards: Randal Bailey vs. Mike Jones Fight

Ingredient, this is the suitable term for better understanding about why is it there is an undercard in boxing events. This coming 9th of June, the current king of boxing is having a bout with a challenger from United Sates of America. The Perfect Storm is definitely now shaking the earth. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Online. We are now on the undercards fight, and the first pair is Bailey and Jones. Both black fighters were now set to vie the belt and title of Super bantamweight Champion.

Let us do some acquaintances with the two fighters:
Randall Bailey: Randall Bailey also known as “The Knockout King” was born on September 13, 1974 and raised from Opa Locka. From the vast number of boxers today, Bailey stood out because of his devastating and disturbing punches. He has already numerous experiences like the welterweight division he entered last 2009. He nourished wel his capabilities and still enjoying his success in boxing arena. Bailey is set to fight with jones as undercard fight in Pacquiao vs Bradley fight this June 9, 2012. Watch Randal Bailey vs. Mike Jones Fight Online.

Bailey (42-7, 36 KOs) has been considered a big threat for the biggest boxers today. His killing punches and the ever powerful right hand that knocks out 36 fighters in the history. Jackson Isei Bonsu and Frankie Figueroa, are just two of the victims that still hoped to vanquish more names and still counting. Jones must be very careful about Bailey’s edge.

Mike Jones: Mike Jones is the 29 year old undefeated fighter from west. Jones is considered noob but could kick some ass with one single blow. A stepping stone for him, Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight should be remembered by Jones for this may be his huge victory or a wrong decision made. Mike Jones is eight years younger and he'll also have a three-inch height advantage, standing 6 feet. Hence, I am quite sure that bailey is thinking about this advantages that for sure making a plan to knock the head of his opponent. Let us watch Randal Bailey vs. Mike Jones Live this coming 9th of June to and WatchPacquiao vs. Bradley Live Online as the main event.


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