Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pacquiao vs Marquez is still Incomparable

Prior to the upcoming bout of Manny Pacquiao with the undefeated Timothy Bradley this 9th of June, fans and sporty paws are still on the guarantee recognizing Pacquiao vs Marquez as the best fight ever. Online and literal clamoring is the basis why Manny Pacquiao does understand why his and many fans out there are ragging for another and fourth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico. Pacman also admitted that in his entire 59 fights in boxing career, it was only Manuel Marquez gave him such great and real fight.

“Our trilogy has been as exciting for us as it has been for boxing fans… His deliberate and patient style of fighting is a product that comes from experience, and experience against great opposition. He’s a brilliant counterpuncher,” Pacquiao said during an interview with ESPN.

Undeniably, all the past fights of Pacquiao and Marquez, that’s three already, were well-known and amazingly great. The first two bouts happened in the year 2004 where the left-handed fighter of Philippines decked the Mexican warrior in just first round. Recovering from the game, Marquez still managed to end the game with a Draw.
In the year 2008, the two fighters faced again and this time, Pacquiao wins by just a couple of points due to Marquez’s three-round knockouts. Pacman pronounced as WBO champion and again met Marquez for their unfinished business. Marquez do good requisites and grants inside the ring until the 12th round but ended with a loss over the defending Champion of WBO, Pacquiao won by his numerous and fantastic points on punches.

“Juan really understands how to fight southpaws. He’s a very smart man and an excellent fighter,” said Pacquiao.

“I know the fans want to see a fourth fight between us, and I can understand why.”
Pacquiao echoed the sentiments of his coach, Freddie Roach.

“My trainer, Freddie Roach, has said many times that Juan is the only smart one out there — the only fighter who has figured me out, That is a lesson experience has taught me,” said Pacquiao.

Currently, Pacquiao is quite busy for his all packed preparation for the upcoming fight with Tim Bradley. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradleylive Online this 9th of June live from Las Vegas Nevada. 


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