Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marquez thoughts over Pacquiao Vs Bradley Fight

June 9 is quick approaching and the atmosphere is already on fire of excitement. Numerous of the world’s most distinguished fighters are putting some scraps into words on how they feel about the fight of the two great fighters inside the grand arena in Las Vegas. Forming a collision of ideas and thoughts, some were very keen to protect each fighter’s dignity and respect.

In this case, it is Manny Pacquiao’s Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez, who he has fought on 3 separate occasions were interviewed and shared his personal thought about Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight. He also do believe in both fighter’s capabilities and strengths in doing the show a much anticipated and worthy to spend. Marquez admitted that he; himself is amazed with the great developments on the challenger from USA, Timothy Bradley.

“Tim is young and great, he can even strike those persons with low focus on fight” as what Marquez said. He also added that the young challenger do have the potentials of being a great boxer, and with his shocking records, Bradley could make Pacquiao to bleed. Prior from his further statements, Marquez also mentioned that after all, Desert Storm cannot bring the bacon home. He personally know how the Filipino and defending fighter move and fight inside the arena. With Pacquiao’s tactics and skills, he can manage the fight to end with a new boxing record. “Pacman will win” a final statement from the Mexican friend that pledged to be there to watch Pacquiao vs BradleyFight Live.


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