Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bradley’s Confidence: A bad or good luck?

Another Legacy for his career; This coming June 9, 2012 fighters of the great boxing field in on stake to win over the other and be the World Welterweight Champion of 2012. Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines versus the black young fighter of USA, Timothy Bradley; a pound for pound battle inside the ring waving their country’s flag shouting for their own victory, Watch Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Live Online.

Last May 5, 2012 Mayweather and Cotto did the boxing spade ended with Mayweather as the last man standing. By unanimous decision, Mayweather won over Cotto and that made the fight ended with controversies plus the appearance of the ten pop star, Justine Beiber on Mayweather’s side.  After that fight, people are murmuring if the fight will over shined with the upcoming bout of Pacquiao and Bradley this June 9th. Anyways, everybody is eager to watch and to the extent that the tickets were coming to its sold out level for in fact we are a month to go before the fight.  This is indeed a fight to remember.

Confidence is a need. In every aspect that we have as an individual confidence brought sometimes success and new hope; Confidence that signals self-esteem and determination. This character is well showcased in our challenger, Timothy Bradley. He showed in many interviews and media appearance that he could do the stunt much better than that of Manny Pacquiao as the defending winner.Pacquiao of course is aware about this.
Many experts say that this overconfidence of Bradley might be his hindrance to win over the left handed fighter. His focus and self-reliance might be lowered out of this. Beyond this, Bradley and his coach, do have the faith on his capabilities and this confidence to be a good and not a bad luck toward the upcoming fight. Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Liveonline.

We could only do the close-ended statements after the event. Live from MGM grand Garden Arena, Watch Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Live Online Free.


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