Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pacman’s Super Mom: Aling Dionisia

Years after the pound for pound champion Manny Pacman Pacquiao get his name to be one of the much anticipated name of his country Philippines, he is ridiculously knocked down by a huge rumor that her mom is taking her own spot under the light wearing those Donna Karan signatures paired with her Hermes. The elegant old yet still on the go Aling Dionisia is the Super Mom of the boxing champ, Manny.

This jolly bedazzled super mom is already on TV and making her own shows and commercials. Giving the sense of the media through a more and brighter career of her on Philippine cinema and show business, Aling Dionisia is absolutely honored and very proud of her son. The Name Aling Dionisia followed the name of his son on stardom lifting over millions of fans not only in the Philippines but also to the other countries.

Comedian, a dancer, a super grandma on the ride, and a beauty queen trapped on the level of “on the making”. The 61 year old AlingDionisia is currently one of the online sensations of young ones and oldies. Her pictures and punch lines online get trending threads on different social media. Her fast rising Youtube sensation make the drama a lot more spice up.

The god-fearing and loving mother of Manny is finally at stable and now enjoying her new lifestyle after the long years of fighting the strength of poverty and survival. As she comradely faced the challenge of life with her 6 children including Manny. It is indeed a dream of an old single mother that came true. A happy thought of the story, Kudos to Manny Pacquiao for his success and love for his mother and entire family; as of now, Manny is looking forward for another win this June 9 where Timothy Bradley will try to get the title from him.


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